Area61 VideoBrowser Ver.5.0.3   User's manual


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Area61 VideoBrowser

Main panel



It displays a timecode of the playing movie in "h:m:s:f" format. You can seek the movie by pressing "Go" button.



Datecodes (recording date and time) are automatically extracted from DV-captured AVI files, and displayed on the main panel.

Note that many video editing software remove datecode information from DV-captured AVI files. This case, datecodes can not be extracted from the movie files.  


Playback Size

You can choose a playback size of the playing movie. Playback size includes Fullscreen / Fixed size.


Snapshot, Thumbnails, Settings

  • Snapshot: It opens the snapshot panel.
  • Thumbnails: It opens the thumbnail view.
  • Effect: It opens the special effect panel.
  • Info: It opens the information panel.
  • Settings: It opens the setting panel.

Play, Pause(Stop), Fast Forward, Reverse, Slow, Slow Reverse



Next frame, Previous frame

These buttons become active when Pause button is pressed.


Upper buttons: Goto selection start, Goto selection end
Lower buttons: Set selection start, Set selection end
Right checkbox: Repeat-loop

When "Repeat-loop" checkbox is marked and "Play/FastForward/Slow" button is pressed, the selected portion of the playing movie will be repeatedly played back.

A selection collapses when both a selection start and selection end are set to be identical.



Mouse wheel and Page Up/Down buttons change  volume of the playing movie.

Snapshot panel


Output filename

A filename of JPEG/BMP/PNG file to be created as a snapshot image file. Extensions such as .jpg and .bmp can be omitted. 



You can get one shapshot image from the playing movie by pressing this button. This button becomes active when "Pause(Stop)" button is pressed. The size of the generated snapshot images is identical with the size of the movie viewing window.  

When a selection is set, every frame of the selected portion can be converted to JPEG/PNG/BMP images.


Snapshot image format, Auto numbering

You can select a snapshot image format from JPEG/BMP/PNG. If JPEG is selected, a slider bar that can be used to change quality of JPEG image appears.

If "Auto numbering" checkbox is marked, a sequential number is added to the filename of the generated image file.


 JPEG quality

It changes quality of JPEG image to be created. Default value is 75.

brightness  Brightness

It changes brightness of snapshot images to be created. Default value is 0.



If this checkbox is marked, noninterlaced snapshot image is created from the playing movie. This function is especially effective on DV-captured AVI file.


Settings, Effect and Info panels

playsettings  Effects



Video renderer

When you select VMR9 and your graphic card supports necessary  features, a brightness control slider bar appears.

VMR/VMR9 usually with deinterlace movie files.


GPL MPEG-1/2 Decoder checkbox

If this checkbox is marked, "GPL MPEG-1/2 Decoder (FREEWARE)" is used in preference to other MPEG2 codecs installed in your PC. GPL MPEG-1/2 Decoder is recommended because many other MPEG2 codecs don't allow software to create snapshot images.

GPL MPEG-1/2 Decoder can be downloaded from


Real media checkbox

If this checkbox is marked, Real Player is used when VideoBrowser plays Real media files.This case, RealPlayer must be installed in your PC. Real Player can be downloaded from

If you want to use "RealMediaSplitter(FREEWARE)" rather than Real Player, you should install RealMediaSplitter and unmark this checkbox. RealMediaSplitter can be downloaded from

Shortcut keys

Movie viewing window

Timecode slider bar


It shows the current position of the playing movie. You can seek the movie by click on the slider bar.

Shortcut keys

  • SPC                                       Pause/Play
  • Enter                                      Pause/Play


  • Right arrow                             Fast forward
  • Left arrow                               Fast reverse
  • SHIFT + Right arrow              Very fast forward
  • SHIFT + Left arrow                Very fast reverse
  • Down arrow                            Fast forward
  • Up arrow                                 Fast reverse
  • SHIFT +Down arrow              Very fast forward
  • SHIFT +Up arrow                  Very fast reverse
  • M                                            Slow
  • N                                            Slow reverse
  • .                                              Next frame
  • ,                                              Previous frame


  • F                                             Fullscreen/in-window
  • ALT+TAB                              Fullscreen/in-window
  • ESC                                        In-window


  • PageDown                              Volume up
  • PageUp                                  Volume down


  • S                                             Take snapshot
  • SHIFT + mouse dragging        Crop selection when taking snapshot
                                                   (to move selection, drag inside the selected area)
                                                   (to collapse selection, click outside the selected area) 
                                                   (to change cropping size, press R)


  • T                                            Open thumbnail view


  • Z                                             Set selection start
  • X                                            Set selection end
  • C                                            Goto selection start
  • V                                            Goto selection end


  • Mouse wheel                          Volume up/down